How to break the ice on Tinder and have more likes

Tinder became a part of our lives almost a decade ago, that’s why it may seem to us we know everything about it and best Tinder strategies. But using it surely has more nuances than we think.

For explaining, why, the experts on hookups suggest to answer the question how come Tantan app, Momo, and other Asian platforms are way more effective and successful than Tinder.

The secret is in a visual perception and the difference of mentalities. All these hookup apps are swipe-based and work only a principle of physical attraction. So whom do we want to get laid with?

The statistics shows, not everyone wants just perfect parameters and facial features. The mood profile creates, is more important as well as the atmosphere around a person. Be cute like Asians are.

That special playfulness they often practice on the photos, is really loved by the others, and pretty alluring. Find more profiles on Filipina hookup Moreover, western and European singles react with the excitement on it too.

So, as an alternative way to succeed on Tinder, watch some Asian movies, listen to the music, and adsorb the spirit of childish playfulness Asian users possess. It’ll bring the good hookup harvest.



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