Do guys get jealous over hookups having the open relationship

When guys want freedom, they suggest to their girlfriends a lot of hookup freedom as well. But it doesn’t mean they fully accept their own idea and let their woman do what she wants.

“When I became Jacob’s girlfriend, we were still young and didn’t want to quit flirting with the others”, Sarah says. “It was ok on the beginning, but later his behaviour changed.

I have noticed he was controlling me on every step. He was probably cheating but it was making him think I was totally the same. It continued for months before I made things clear.

I told him we should either start a mature relationship where we’re both faithful, or he should leave. He couldn’t stop being adulterous or jealous so he left, I am now with another man”.

“Michael couldn’t refuse partying when we started to live together”, Diana tells. “So we decided we’ll have a no strings attached relationship even while living as a couple.

He was all happy until he started to notice I use his allowance a lot and go out with hot guys. We had a very big conversation and he promised to stop going out as well, if I stop”.

Now back to the original question: How do you select an appropriate escort?

Well, there are a few key questions to start off with. Is she legal?

She should have a clean record and a good income.

A courtesan should also have a long term goal in mind and be set on pleasing her new “master” for a long term.

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